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STEM Ed Announcement: Geoscience Teacher Training Workshop

This is a UMass Amherst program.
 Contact information is below.
 Geoscience Teacher Training Workshop
 July 6-10, 2015:
 At UMass-Amherst
 Department of Geosciences
  Video of 2013 teacher workshop:
 Building Earth System Science into the Classroom with Lake Sediments
 in your own backyard 
              Once again, we intend to provide week-long training for
 teachers from to gain hands-on laboratory and field
 experience and insights into the latest developments in
 climate and environmental research.  We plan to develop
 and test with the teachers ready to go classroom modules
 aimed at environmental systems at both local and global
 scales. The lessons will also address core elements of
 the MA Department of Education science standards. 
 Because lakes are common across parts of the US, we will focus our
 teacher training on lake sediments with regard to environmental and
 climate change they can document in their communities. Teachers will
 learn how to use inexpensive hand-held coring equipment with their
 classes and take the equipment home with them. Observing and measuring
 proxies like pollen, diatoms, and sedimentology will increase student
 appreciation for concepts of environmental time delays, causality at a
 distance, cyclic causality and the recent geologic record. 
 ACTIVITIES  Planned in collaboration with Tim Martin, Greensboro NC,
 PolarTREC teacher in residence
        Lectures on lakes and bogs and Earth system science 
 understanding environmental change.  Instructors include Professors
 Stephen Burns and Rob DeConto, along with Isla and Julie named above).
        Sediment coring experience and core acquisition.
        Core splitting, initial core descriptions, hands-on classroom
        Development of simple analytical procedures for the class room
 that include the use of spreadsheets and graphing procedures.
        Development of teaching modules from these experiences
 o   E.g., Core descriptions, paleomagnetism, diatom studies,
 biomarkers/molecular fossils, lakes/ocean circulation; physical
 processes in lakes and oceans; concepts about how current and past
 climate change informs us of the future. 
 Teacher prep materials including worksheets, PowerPoint presentations,
 classroom exercises, and hands-on experiments using real materials and
 data. These materials and how-to instructions will be made available
 on the UMass Amherst Geosciences Department website and will be
 contributed to the National Association of Geoscience Teachers On the
 Cutting Edge classroom materials online collection and NESTA
 (National Earth Science Teachers Association).
  All teacher Participants each receive (thanks to National Science
     Stipend of $75 per day
     Self made Hand corer (worth $25)
     Fiberglass measuring tape ($20)
     Munsell Color chart book  ($70)
     Grain size charts  ($14)
     New ideas for teaching climate and environmental systems via lakes
     Connections to UMass faculty, post-doctoral scholars and graduate
 students, who are available for classroom visits or remote
 interactions (e.g. Skype conversations with your class) during the
 academic year
             We offer this workshop as an optional 3-credit
 professional development course through UMass Continuing &
 Professional Education at cost, for those who are
 interested.  After participant selections are made,
 instructions will be given how to enroll.  The course will
 be listed as GeoSci-696.
             As educators we are happy to make ourselves available this
 coming school year for visits to your classrooms to
 discuss the exercises and career options and opportunities
 and the Earth and environmental sciences.
 Contact Information:  Department web site: www.geo.umass.edu
 Julie Brigham-Grette
  juliebg@geo.umass.edu <mailto:juliebg@geo.umass.edu>
 Isla Castada
  isla@geo.umass.edu <mailto:isla@geo.umass.edu>
  Send the following information to us by May 28th. You may simply
 paste your response in an email to Julie and Isla (addresses above).
 Because travel funds are limited, preference will be given to
 teachers within 100 miles of Amherst. Workshop enrollment is
 currently limited to 10 teachers.

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