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STEM Ed Announcement: MA State Science & Engineering Fair

This is not a UMass Amherst position.
 Contact information is below
 2015 Massachusetts State Science & Engineering Fair 
 High School Division  
 When Life Gives You Lemons - Building a Better EpiPen 
 LED to a New Light - Tracking a Golf Ball Using Blue Tooth 
 Artificial Pancreas Circuit Model - Turn Milk Into Plastic
 Music Learning & Impact on Cognition 
 Find out at the 
 2015 Massachusetts State Science & Engineering Fair 
 High School Division  
 Public Showcase of Exhibits & Science Fair Expo 
 Saturday, May 2nd   
 12:30 - 3:00 pm  
 MIT Johnson Athletics Center 
 MIT Campus Map & Johnson Athletics Center
 See more than 300 of the "best of the best" science fair research and
 design projects
   by high school students -- from cities and towns across
 These young scientists and engineers are the wave of our future!   
 Who Will Be the Winners? 
 Come to the exciting Award Ceremony!! 
 AWARDS CEREMONY ON SAT, MAY 2nd @ 3:30 pm!  
 $500,000 worth of scholarships & prizes 
 recognizing excellence in research & design
 MSSEF Executive Office
 Massachusetts State Science and Engineering Fair, Inc. (MSSEF) 
 955 Massachusetts Avenue #350 
 Cambridge, MA 02139 
 Tel: 617-491-1500 
 MSSEF is a nonprofit organization that has been advancing science
 literacy for more than six decades.  Our mission is to increase
 awareness of, exposure to, and participation in inquiry-based learning
 through the development of science and engineering projects by middle
 school and high school students, and to showcase and celebrate that

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