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PV STEMNet Announcement: Data to engage students

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 WPI Teacher Lecture Series 2014-2015
 Thursday, May 28, 2015; 4:00-6:00PM
 Free and open to the public.  Registration required by Tuesday, May
 Contact Katie Elmes (kaelmes@wpi.edu) or Shari Weaver (sweaver@wpi.edu)
 with questions.
 This engaging presentation focuses on using data in the science
 classroom to engage students in unique and interactive ways. Hear how
 WPI faculty member Lauren Mathews, Associate Professor in Biology,
 recently studied using open source data to engage students in
 project-based learning in her college biology classroom.  She will also
 discuss how her students responded to this teaching method. Then hear
 how Mass Academy Physics Teacher, Bill Ellis, uses data in a multitude
 of ways to engage his  high school physics students while promoting
 critical thinking and problem solving. This session is applicable for
 any science or math educator interested in thinking about the different
 ways data can be used in project/problem-based learning to engage
 student in their content area.
 The STEM Education Center at WPI and Mass Academy of Math and Science
 are co-sponsoring these Lecture Series in which WPI faculty presents
 their groundbreaking research and how the principles of their research
 can be applied to a K-12 classroom. Following the WPI faculty member, a
 K-12 educator presents engaging classroom activities and ideas
 addressing similar topics that can be applicable to multiple grade
 levels.  This series seeks to bring K-12 educators and university
 faculty members together around a common theme of relevant topics to
 engage and inspire the next generation of STEM-minded individuals.

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