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STEM Ed Announcement: Blue Carbon PD

This is not a UMass program.
 Contact information is below.
 Hello, For those of you who would like to get up to speed about the
 concept of blue carbon, heres an upcoming opportunity.
 The Waquoit Bay Reserve Coastal Training program is offering a workshop
 May 12,13 at Massasoit Community College on the results of a four year
 research project at the Reserve looking at how much carbon can be
 sequestered in salt marshes. The concept of Blue Carbon (the carbon
 stored in coastal wetland ecosystems) is a relatively new concept and
 this workshop will introduce you to the concepts and the research
 behind the results.  There will also be two hands on sessions on the
 second day sponsored by the WBNERR education department focusing on the
 high school STEM curriculum Bringing Wetlands to Market: STEM
 Curriculum Linking Climate Change and Wetlands
 (http://wbnerrwetlandscarbon.net/teachers  ) we designed around the
 If you cant make the entire meeting, you have  several options if youd
 like to get up to speed on this topic as well as pick up some field,
 classroom, and on-line activities that fit NGSS and MA STE standards. 
 1.    You could come for just the education sessions (Wednesday, May
 13, 3-5 pm)
 2.    You could come for just Wednesday or Tuesday or both days, (May
 3.    You could stop by the poster session reception (Tuesday, 5-6:30)
 You can earn PDPs equal to the amount of contact hours you attend the
 workshop- you will need to send a follow up e-mail on how you will
 apply what you learned to your classroom. 
 If youre planning on attending the education sessions, e-mail me at
 joan.muller@state.ma.us and let me know which option youd like to take.
 Hope to see you there!
 http://www.waquoitbayreserve.org/event-registration/?ee=232  for a
 downloadable flyer or to register for one or two days of the
 Please contact me with any questions.
 Joan Muller (508-457-0495 x107)

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