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STEM Ed Announcement: Global STEM Education & an Innovation-Driven Global Workforce

This is not a UMass program.
 Contact information is below.
 Global STEM Education & an Innovation-Driven Global Workforce of the 21
 Century Second Annual Symposium at Harvard University on May 29th
 REGISTRATION: https://g-stem-symposium-harvard.eventbrite.com
 Please join leaders and practitioners of Global STEM education for a
 discussion of the importance of Global STEM Education in Massachusetts
 and the US, and specifically, why Global STEM Education is important
 for industry as well as education. National and Global educational
 leaders will address Global STEM Education & an Innovation-driven 21st
 Century Global Workforce and the challenges of preparing students for
 the innovation-driven globally competitive workforce in their future.
 Generously hosted by the Harvard Graduate School of Education.
 Keynote speakers: Richard Miller, President of Olin College of
 Engineering and Tony Wagner, Expert in Residence, Harvard Innovation
 Among the presenters and panelists are:
 Kara Miller, Host and Executive Editor WGBH & PRI's Innovation Hub
 Ellen Ferrarro, Director, Integrated Defense Systems, Raytheon
 Fernando Reimers, Harvard Graduate School of Ed, Professor of
 International Ed
 Larisa Schelkin, CEO and Founder, Global STEM Education Center, Inc
 Lance Hartford, Executive Director, Massachusetts Biotech Education
 Margaret McKenna, Immediate Past Chair, Board of Elem & Secondary
 Allison Scheff, Executive Director, STEM & Governor's STEM Advisory
 Thomas Weber, Commissioner of Early Childhood Education and Care
 Isa Zimmerman Chairman, Global STEM Education Center, Inc. (moderator)

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