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STEM Ed Announcement: Are You Ready for the New Standards?

This is not a UMass program.
 Contact information is below.
 Middle School Teachers: Are You Ready for the New Standards?
 Online Science Content Courses for Middle School Science Teachers:  1
 graduate credit each
 Expand your teachers abilities to deliver integrated Science in a
 spiral format:
 Each course runs 5 weeks and requires approximately 15 hours
 asynchronous computer time.
 Summer 2015:
 6/28 to 8/1
 Ocean Science SCI601PD
 Structure of the Earth SCI607PD
 Electricity and Magnetism SCI603PD
 Cell Biology SCI600PD
 8/9 to 9/12
 Practical Meteorology SCI629PD
 Earth in the Solar System SCI613PD
 Forces and Motion SCI615PD
 Earth's History SCI617PD
          Cambridge College provides districts a special professional
 development rate of $200 per graduate credit for the courses mentioned.
          For further information contact:  Shalaya Morrisette at
 Cambridge College

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