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STEM Ed Announcement: Summer Neuroscience Program for High School Girls

This is not a UMass program
 Contact information is below.
 Brainy Gyrls: A Neuroscience summer program for high school girls
 Why are girls so different from boys? Do you see the world like
 everyone does? Why do some people, and not others, develop addictions?
 If you.ve ever wanted to know the answers to these questions, then you
 might be interested in learning more about one of the newest branches
 of science: NEUROSCIENCE. It is the study of the brain and nervous
 system. It.s the study of YOU.
 Bay Path University is offering a one-week intensive program to rising
 sophomore, junior and senior high school girls to learn about the brain
 and its amazing functions. Using a combination of instruction and
 self-discovery through casework and lab activities, using themselves as
 subjects, students will learn and master fundamental concepts in
 neuroscience. Some of the planned activities will allow students to:
 .       Investigate how the brain cells communicate 
 .       How commonly used drugs can impact brain cell function
 .       Explore spinal cord function on your own body using muscle
 .       Discover how your brain processes sensory information from your
 sense organs
 .       Examine how your nervous system responds to stress 
 .       Dissect and identify the major parts of the mammalian brain and
 their respective functions to explore neuroanatomy
 Cost for high school girls (rising sophomores, juniors and seniors). 
 Min15/Max20 attendees.
 Hours: 8:30 AM . 4:00 PM 
 July 6-10, 2015
 $1,100.00 for the week and includes Lunch and off-site trip.
 Refunds for participant cancellation, minus a $50 registration fee,
 will be available until June 22, 2015.
 For more information and to register, please visit our website
 www.baypath.edu then go to the news and events tab.
 For questions on the program content, please contact the director,
 Princy Quadros Mennella @ quadrosmennella@baypath.edu 
 For logistical questions, please contact Briana Sitler @
 Briana Sitler
 Director of Special Programs
 588 Longmeadow Street
 Longmeadow, MA 01106
 Office: (413) 565-1066
 bsitler@baypath.edu | baypath.edu

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