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STEM Ed Announcement: PD for Secondary STEM Teachers and Community College Faculty

This is not a UMass program.
 Contact information is below
 Summer Professional Development Opportunity for Secondary STEM Teachers and
 Community College Faculty
 You are invited to apply to attend a two-week summer workshop (Monday .
 Thursday - July 13th . July 23rd )  for Secondary STEM Teachers and/or
 Community College faculty.  The workshop will introduce participants to the
 High-Tech Tools and Toys course being offered at Northeastern University and
 provide participants guidance and support to implement the course and/or
 course components in their respective institutions.
 This workshop was offered several years ago and led to replication of this
 course at several Massachusetts Community Colleges.
 The High-Tech Tools and Toys Laboratory
 (http://www.censsis.neu.edu/education/HTTTL/ ) is a discovery-based
 educational laboratory. The High Tech Tools and Toys (HTT&T) laboratories
 engage students in hands-on learning activities using state-of-the-art
 technology products. The laboratory creates an exciting problem-solving
 environment where engineering skills including programing, data analysis,
 real-time instrument control and project planning are mastered.
 Faculty at the High-Tech Tools and Toys Laboratory (HTT&TL) at Northeastern
 University teach programming and engineering concepts to freshmen through
 hands-on experience with test and measurement instrumentation. Created by
 Professors Stephen McKnight and Gilead Tadmor of Northeastern University and
 Professor E. Carr Everback of Swarthmore College, the lab uses MATLAB, Data
 Acquisition Toolbox., and Instrument Control Toolbox. as the platform for
 conducting experiments and analyzing results. The lab is the foundation for
 the required freshman engineering course Engineering Problem-Solving and
 .The lab offers an excellent introduction to programming concepts that are
 often troublesome for the beginner,. comments McKnight. .By using MATLAB as
 the programming environment and providing opportunities for hands-on
 learning, we are enhancing the students. ability to succeed..
 Former workshop participants have found this course model ideally suited to
 implementation within Community Colleges.  We are interested in supporting
 further implementation in secondary classrooms..
 The summer program will be led under the direction of course co-creator,
 Professor Stephen McKnight.  
 Program participants will be provided a stipend totaling $2,000 for their
 participation and classroom implementation.  
 If you are interested and believe your institution would be supportive of
 you implementing components of this course model,
 please complete the application available @
 Please forward your resume and a letter of support from your Dean/Principal
 and/or Department Head to my attention at the address below. 
 Claire J. Duggan
 Director for Programs and Operations
 The Center for STEM Education
 Northeastern University
 360 Huntington Avenue
 Boston, MA 02115
 Office - 617-373-2036
 Cell . 617-697-7151

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