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STEM Ed Announcement: Stipends and PDP Opportunity for AP Physics 1 Teachers

This is not a UMass Amherst program
 Contact information is below.
 Dear Science Education Leaders, Building Administrators and Physics
 Boston University is proposing a novel methodology for delivering AP
 Physics 1 to three distinct groups: (1) directly to students whose
 schools do not offer AP Physics 1; (2) novice teachers and/or teachers
 without strong backgrounds in physics who are responsible for teaching
 AP Physics 1; and (3) veteran teachers responsible for teaching AP
 Physics 1 who are looking for something new to try. We are particularly
 interested in teachers and students from high needs school districts.
 Teachers joining this project from schools that offer AP Physics 1 will
 receive a stipend and PDPs for full participation.
 Students joining this project from schools that do not offer AP Physics
 1 will receive additional no cost tutoring at the Boston University
 campus and a stipend for full participation. There is also the option
 for students, with the cooperation and approval of the students school
 administration, to earn high school credit for the College Board AP
 Physics 1 course.
 If this peeks your interest, please read below.
 If you would like further information concerning this proposed project,
 kindly contact me.
 RE: Urban High School Physics Education through the AP Physics 1 MOOC
 Project Description
 Boston University (BU) proposes to implement a new model of Advanced
 Placement (AP) physics instruction for underserved high school students
 and provide professional development in AP physics for novice and
 underprepared high school instructors by using a massive open online
 course (MOOC) as the content source. 
 The BU edX MOOC AP  Physics 1 is an official audited College Board
 The project proposes to pilot 3 models of delivery: (1) Small Private
 Online Course Model targeting underserved students from schools that do
 not offer AP Physics 1; (2) A Professional Development (PD) Model
 targeting novice teachers and/or teachers without a strong background
 in physics who are responsible for teaching AP Physics 1; (3) A Flipped
 Classroom Model targeting veteran AP Physics teachers and/or teachers
 with a strong background in physics who are responsible for teaching AP
 Physics 1. 
 Teachers (models 2 and 3) and students (model 1) will receive a stipend
 for their full participation, and in addition teachers will be eligible
 to obtain Professional Development Points (PDPs) that can be used for
 state recertification purposes.
 The primary instructional tool for each of these three models will be
 the BU AP  Physics 1 edX platform MOOC and associated online discussion
 In the Small Private Online Course (SPOC) model participating students
 will also come to the BU campus to receive additional
 mentoring/tutoring from BU undergraduate near peer physics majors
 trained in instructional engagement and supervised by the project
 In the Professional Development and Flipped Classroom model students
 attend a traditional classroom but instead of receiving teacher
 directed instruction, classroom time will be used for practice and
 feedback in individual and small groups, with tutoring and mentoring
 focusing on the learners needs. In both of these models the classroom
 teachers will meet regularly with the project director to coordinate
 and discuss ongoing implementation of the project. The project director
 will also make monthly site visits to the PD model teachers classrooms
 to provide additional support. 
 If you are interested in learning more about participating in this
 project, kindly respond to Mark D. Greenman at your earliest
 Mark D. Greenman
 Project Director
 Boston University 
 Physics Department
 Office: greenman@bu.edu
 Office: 617-358-6729
 Other: markdgreenman@gmail.com
 Other: 781-248-4952
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