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STEM Ed Announcement: Summer CS Professional Development Workshops from CAITE/ECEP

This is a UMass program
 Contact information is below.
 Hello Educators, 
 Want to learn new ways to bring computer science to your students?
 Looking for fun and new summer professional development workshops in
 Mass.? The Commonwealth Alliance for Information Technology Education
 (CAITE) and the Expanding Computing Education Pathways Alliance (ECEP),
 with the support of the National Science Foundation, has partnered with
 Mass. computing educators to offer five different workshops. Please
 find the details on these programs below:
 July 13-15
 Project GUTS Teacher Workshop
 Learn how to incorporate computer modeling and simulation into STEM
 Framingham State University
 More information & registration http://bit.ly/1Gcal2d
 July 16
 FIRST LEGO League Coaches Connect
 Join educators, parents, and leaders of youth groups who want to
 organize and coach a robotics program for 9-14 year olds. 
 Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center, Holyoke
 More information & registration
 July 14-18
 Learn how to design and create simple computer simulations to address
 ecological questions, such as human impacts on pollinator-plant
 Worcester Polytechnic Institute and Tower Hill Botanical Garden
 More information & registration
 July 28 - Aug. 1
 Data Science with iSENSE
 Create an original data gathering app using App Inventor and iSENSE,
 and develop a curriculum module for your high school CS course
 UMass Lowell
 More information & registration isensedata2015.eventbrite.com
 August 10-12
 Massachusetts Summer Bootstrap Workshop
 Discover how to use Bootstrap to teach algebraic and geometric concepts
 through computer programming.
 Framingham State University
 More information & registration
 Find more professional development opportunities in Massachusetts at
 Looking for opportunities for students? See a listing of computer
 summer camps at

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