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STEM Ed Announcement: Farm & Food Systems Courses

This is not a UMass program
 Contact information is below.
 The Farm & Food Systems Program at GCC is offering two FREE
 grant-supported courses this summer: Sustainable Farming Skills, for
 rising and graduating HS seniors, and Developing Curriculum in
 Sustainable Food Production, a professional development workshop for
 HS faculty across subjects.
 The professional development workshop, "Developing Curriculum in
 Sustainable Food Production," focuses on creating & developing class
 material focused in sustainable gardening, farming, and food systems
 across disciplines. The workshop, which we developed as part of our
 USDA-SPECA ENGAGE grant, is free of charge and offers a small stipend
 and professional development points upon completion. The course is
 open to faculty of both public and private high schools. For more
 information about registration, contact: Karen Chastney at
 413.775.1661; Course # WFD 690--2 ; or visit:
 AGR 118, Sustainable Farming Skills, is open to rising and graduating
 high school seniors. This course is a blended student course, with
 high school seniors taking the course alongside current GCC students.
 The course is free to rising and graduating high school seniors with
 an interest in sustainable farming methods. Through hands-on
 coursework onsite at Bostrom Farm in Greenfield, the course offers
 college-level instruction and credit. Interested students should send
 a personal recommendation from their Guidance Counselor to Program
 Assistant Corrin Meise-Munns at meisemunnsc@gcc.mass.edu and register
 through Admissions at:
 Please note I am in the office Thursdays and Fridays, and check email
 sporadically during the rest of the week.
 Corrin Meise-Munns
 Farm & Food Systems Program Assistant
 Office S418
 Greenfield Community College
 (413) 775 - 1151
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