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STEM Ed Announcement: BU HS AP Physics 1 Partnership through Online Course

This is not a UMass program
 Contact information is below.
 BU HS AP Physics 1 Partnership through a Small Private Online Course
 We are looking to fill a few remaining slots in our AP Physics 1 Small
 Private Online Course supporting students who would otherwise not have
 an opportunity to take AP Physics 1. The program will run from
 September 2015 through May 2016 and we are hoping to recruit all
 students by the end of June. This program is not restricted to
 Massachusetts schools and we welcome inquiries from all school types.
 The focus of this project is to deliver AP Physics 1 to students who
 would otherwise not have this opportunity at their home school. The
 primary instructional tool will be the BU AP Physics 1 edX platform
 Small Private Online Course supplemented with a daily online forum and
 weekly online office hours.
 The BU AP Physics 1 Small Private Online Course is an official College
 Board audited course, and hence students, successfully completing the
 course, are eligible to receive high school credit for AP Physics 1.
 This is a partnership between Boston University, the student and the
 students home school. The school site liaison, a teacher, guidance
 staff or building administrator, will receive bi-weekly reports
 concerning the participating students online activity and progress. It
 is expected that the students home school site will enroll a
 participating student in an independent study AP Physics 1 course. The
 project director, a certified Massachusetts physics teacher, will
 provide appropriate grade reporting as needed to the participants
 school site.
 Students completing all project requirements will be provided a $200
 project completion stipend, and, if the school indicates the student
 has a financial hardship, the College Board AP Physics 1 test
 registration fee will be waived. A small monthly gratuity provided in
 one installment at the conclusion of the online course will be provided
 to the school site liaison as an expression of appreciation for
 supporting and encouraging student participants.  
 There is no cost to the students home school and other than the College
 Board AP Physics 1 test registration fee, if not waived, there is no
 cost to the student participant. 
 To participate in this project, at least two students from a single
 school must be accepted into the project. Students are expected to
 express a desire to participate and they must have reliable access to
 online services. This connectivity can be provided in a structured
 fashion at the school during the school day or after school on or off
 the students home school campus. Our preference would be for the school
 to provide a structured time and location at the school during the
 school day.
 For additional information about the program and qualifications to
 participate, kindly email me or call me at my office or mobile phone.
 Mark D. Greenman
 BU Physics Department
 Project Director: AP Physics 1 Partnership
 Office: 617-358-6729
 Mobile: 781-248-4952
 Office: greenman@bu.edu

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