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STEM Ed Announcement: Wind Energy Workshop

This is a UMass Lowell program
 Contact information is below.
 RE:  Educators Wind Energy Workshop - Wind Power, CAD, CNC, 3D Printing
 Blades & Wind Farm Siting & GRID Simulators
 We are excited to be doing our first workshop in partnership with the
 WindSTAR Program at UMass Lowell.   REcharge Labs in conjunction with
 professors from UMASS will be sharing some new materials and tools we have
 been working on over the last year.  
 This two day workshop workshop will introduce you to the science and
 technology around wind turbines, blade design and simulation and wind farm
 siting.   The science and engineering content combined with practical
 classroom activities will make it easy to bring renewable energy to your
 We are excited to share some new tools at this workshop that allow you to
 explore CAD based wind turbine blade design, CNC turbine blade mold making,
 3D printing and wind farm siting tools.
 What can you expect?
 This is a FREE Training!   Lunch is provided!
 Training from 9-4PM each day
 Materials are geared toward middle school and high school teachers
 We will explore new lessons and software around siting wind turbine blade
 design, 3D printing and wind farm siting.   We will also explore a new wind
 module we have been developing for teachers with White Box Learning.
 We will use WindWise and REcharge Curricula  >> And play with lots of wind
 power kits >> Generators, KidWind Turbines, Vernier Data Logging Equipment
 We will prepare teachers for the KidWind Challenge at UMASS Lowell in the
 spring of 2016 -- What is a KidWind Challenge?
 Teachers do not need any prior knowledge of wind energy. They will learn
 about how wind power works and how to implement activities in your
 Michael Arquin
 Director, KidWind Project
 2523 27th Avenue South
 Minneapolis, MN 55406
 c  651.325.8149
 o  651.917.0079 x111
 f  208.485.9419

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