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STEM Ed Announcement: PTC, 3D Design, 3D Printing

This is not a UMass program
 Contact information is below.
 PTC STEM Certificate Program, 6 graduate credits
 Learn new practices and develop your understanding of STEM concepts in
 education and industry. Our Product Development Education model focuses
 on integrated STEM teaching and learning that aligns with state and
 national education standards. In the program you will:
          Explore STEM in action within industry and classroom settings
          Test model STEM units and advanced technologies
          Collaborate with other STEM interested teachers from across
          New England
          Build partnership with industry experts and educators
          Create model, integrated STEM units customized to your
          teaching needs 
 3D Design & Modeling for the K12 Classroom: 1 Day Workshop
 Get up to speed with the latest features and curriculum for using 3D
 design and modeling software in the classroom. In this workshop,
 educators and industry experts will explore 3D modeling applications in
 industry and in the classroom, with a deep dive into how to use PTC
 Creo, a 3D design program available free to K12 students, teachers, and
 schools. This training will include:
 Case studies of 3D modeling in industry and education
 Hands-on testing of 3D design curriculum
 Opportunity to get in-depth support as you try new features and
 Identification of curriculum and resources that you can take back to
 your school
 Partnership opportunities with PTC, an industry leader in design and
 3D Printing Crash Course: 1 Day Workshop
 Are you interested in using 3D printing tools and activities in your
 classroom? This workshop is designed to address common startup
 questions and prepare you to make 3D printing a reality in your school.
 In partnership with school teachers who have been using 3D printers in
 their classrooms for many years, PTC is providing a one day crash
 course for K-12 educators. This workshop includes:
 Key considerations for starting up a 3D printing program in your school
 A review of 3D printers (e.g. MakerBot, Dimension, etc.)
 Tips and tricks to streamline classroom use
 Demonstration and simulation of 3D printing curriculum
 Review of 3D modeling software to couple with 3D printers
 Additional resources such as curriculum, models, and how-tos
 "Berry, Ayora" <aberry@ptc.com>

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