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STEM Ed Announcement: STEM Activity App

This is not a UMass program.
 Contact information is below.
 Back by popular demand! STEM Activity App will release 12 NEW STEM
 Activities this summer beginning on July 8th.
 The  STEM Activity App connects young minds and their families to fun
 and engaging activities all summer long! As you may know, summer can be
 an intellectually stagnant time for students. According to the Summer
 Learning Loss Association,  the loss of learning over summer breaks can
 account for two-thirds of the difference in the likelihood of a student
 pursuing a college preparatory path in high school!
 The STEM Activity App helps those who hold the power to reverse this
 summer slidefamilies. Please check out our website:
 http://stem-app.wheelock.edu or find us on twitter @STEM_app to receive
 these hands-on activities that will keep your child learning and
 inspired all summer long!
 Registration is easy and free - just follow the link to signup:
 Families will receive two simple activities each week throughout the
 summer. These Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math activities are
 low-tech so they can be done in any home. Each activity connects the
 STEM concept learned with a potential STEM career, and a relevant
 everyday takeaway. The activities teach students STEM concepts now, but
 also develop an appreciation for continued learning outside of the
 Together we can inspire the children in our communities! If you and
 your families enjoy the activities, please pass our website to your
 family, friends, teachers, and whoever else you think would enjoy them
 Happy exploring!
 Wheelock College Aspire Institute Team

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