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STEM Ed Announcement: Math PD for Middle School Teachers

This is not a UMass program
 Contact information is below.
 Offered by MMSP Partnership: Modeling Mathematics through Mathematical
 A collaboration with Lesley University, Springfield Public Schools, and
 Easthampton Public Schools
 Modeling Mathematics through Mathematical Practices is a collaboration
 between the Springfield and Easthampton public school systems and
 Lesley University to provide Mathematics professional development to
 middle school teachers.  This Partnership has a few seats open in an
 upcoming course, which they are making available for open registration. 
 Ratio, Rate, and Proportion
 A course, designed and taught by Dr. Anne M. Collins, participants will
 explore the role of ratio and proportion in mathematics and the world
 around us. Participants will also develop the concept of ratio by using
 scale factors and graphing models, explore proportion by using linear,
 inverse, and joint proportionality models, and observe, analyze and
 contrast multiple representations through individual and group problem
 solving tasks. 
 This course carries 67.5 PDPs or 3 graduate credits.
 Enroll Today!
            When:  August, 4, 5, 6, 11, 12, 13
          Where:  Springfield Public Schools
   How Much:   FREE if taking for PDPs only 
                         $150 for 3 graduate credits + $40 registration
 fee per Semester
 Pre-register:  Go to our online Intent to Register form 
 Visit us at:  http://www.lesley.edu/center/math-achievement/
 We look forward to having you join us for this opportunity!
 For more information, contact: 
 Center for Mathematics Achievement 
 29 Everett St Cambridge, 
 MA 02138 
 Phone: (617) 349-8311 
 Lesley University

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