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STEM Ed Announcement: Web resources on the human brain

This is not a UMass Amherst program
 Contact information is below.
 Dear High School Science Teachers-
             I am a neuroscience professor at MIT. Last year I launched
 a new web site, http://nancysbraintalks.mit.edu/, which hosts over a
 dozen of my short video lectures on the human mind and brain. My goal
 is to reach a broad public interested in the brain, without requiring
 much or any science background. The audience I most want to reach is
 bright high school students. 
             Please feel free to use any of my materials in your
 curricula, and please direct students interested in the brain to my
 site. If you have ideas for how to improve the site to be of greater
 use to you or your students, I would be happy to hear your suggestions. 
             Thanks very much!
 Nancy Kanwisher, MIT

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