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STEM Ed Announcement: STEM Activity App

This is not a UMass Amherst program
 Contact information is below.
 My name is Emma Turi and I am a summer intern at the Aspire Institute
 with Wheelock College in Boston. Recently, I have been working on
 promoting our STEM Activity App.  This is a project created about three
 years ago that aims to promote STEM learning and involvement between
 families and children, as well as, providing teachers with engaging
 STEM Activities they can use in the classroom.   
  Please check out our website: http://stem-app.wheelock.edu/ or our
 twitter @ STEM_app.  On July 8th we started running a six week program
 to release 12 more activities to combat the summer slide.
 We believe strongly in the power of family involvement in the promotion
 of STEM education and are really focusing this summer on making sure
 that this resource is available to as many people as possible. 
 Feel free to tweet about our program or sign up to see what kinds of
 activities are available this summer! 

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