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STEM Ed Announcement: Project Learning Tree Workshops

This is not a UMass Amherst program
 Contact information is below.
 Early Childhood Educator Workshop, Saturday, September 12,  9am - noon,
 Mt. Greylock Visitor Center, Lanesborough
 Project Learning Tree's Early Childhood curriculum, written for ages
 3-6, engages youngsters in the natural world by building on what's
 already familiar.  
 Workshop format includes modeling activities and collegial discussion. 
 Thematic units on the senses, the seasons, and neighborhood trees
 follow typical preschool routines and are flexible for teachers.  They
 pique curiosity, build vocabulary and include both self-directed and
 teacher-guided activities.
  A $15 fee includes the Early Childhood Curriculum Guide, music C.D.,
 and supporting materials.  It is only available by attending a
 For more information or to pre-register by September 7, please contact
 Gini.Traub@state.ma.us, 413/584-6788. 
 Project Learning Tree PreK-8 Educator Workshop
 Saturday, September 19, 9 a.m. - 1:00p.m.
 Riverbend Farm at Blackstone Heritage State Park, Uxbridge
 Project Learning Tree's award winning, "hands-on; minds-on" curriculum
 uses trees, forests and human actions to teach a variety of subject
 areas.  Teachers appreciate its flexibility and they enjoy the
 workshop's collegial nature.
 Try out and discuss PLT activities.  Receive the 96-activity Curriculum
 Guide and a Certificate of Completion.  
 $20; please pre-register by September 12, Gini.Traub@state.ma.us;
 Project Learning Tree is a program of the American Forest Foundation
 and is sponsored in Massachusetts by the Department of Conservation and
 Recreation with support from the Massachusetts Forest Alliance.

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