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STEM Ed Announcement: "Kathy Aidala" <kaidala@mtholyoke.edu>

This is a UMass Amhersr program.
 Contact information is below
 SciTech Cafe is pleased to present the monthly discussion series: A
 scientist walks into a bar...and brings you closer to the solar system.
 Monday, September 28th
 The Hangar (formerly Amherst Brewing Company)
 Missions to Space: Visiting a Comet, Pluto and (hopefully) Asteroids?
 .What is a comet and why/how did we land on one?
 .How are comets and asteroids different?
 .Will we ever mine asteroids?
 .What are we learning about Pluto?
 .What is a dwarf planet?
 .Will the earth be hit by an asteroid large enough to wipe out all
 Tim Spahr, Ph.D., is the CEO of NEO Sciences LLC.  He worked for nearly
 15 years at the Minor Planet Center, Smithsonian Astrophysical
 Observatory as the Director of the MPC.  Prior to that, he was a
 postdoctoral researcher at the University of Arizona.s Lunar and
 Planetary Laboratory after completing Ph.D. work at the University of
 Florida, with a specialty in computational celestial mechanics.
 Please bring a friend and join us as we enjoy light appetizers, lively
 conversations, prizes and brilliant minds. This is an inclusive,
 family-friendly event and people of all walks of life are invited. 
 Admission is FREE, but donations are appreciated.
 Upcoming SciTech Cafe events:
 .October 26th: "Toxins in our Environment" with Professor Sasha Suvorov
 .December 7th: Topic TBD Professor Evelyn Hu, applied physics and
 electrical engineering
 .January 25th: "Foundations of Quantum Mechanics" with Professor Bill
 .February 22nd: "Cosmic Inflation" with Professor Gary Felder
 .March 28th: "Can Plants make Cancer Drugs?" with Professor Sue Roberts
 .April 25th: "Sabermetrics" with Professor Ben Baumer
 .June 6th: Topic TBD,  Professor Heather Pon-Barry, computer science

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