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PV STEMNet Announcement: Manufacturing Day Celebration - Oct 1 at GCC

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 Dear Teachers,
 Please let your students and families know about the 
 Celebrate Manufacturing Day at Greenfield Community College
 Thurs Oct 1 starting at 5pm
 This event offers you, your students and their families a chance to
 meet local manufacturers, and
 learn about some of GCCs grant-funded training programs in advanced
 and engineering technology  some are currently FREE of charge, and
 could be
 a great choice for seniors in the Spring or following graduation.
 At the event, there is also free food  assemble your own potato,
 prizes, and
 it is followed by a talk at 7pm:  North from the Springfield Armory II:
 Local Industrial DNA
 sponsored by the Pioneer Valley Institute.
  Celebrate Manufacturing Day! Save the Date and Time! Manufacturing Day
 Celebration Oct 1, 5-7 pm Join a celebration of Manufacturing  Our
 History  Our Future Students, Parents, Families, Everyone! Join us in
 the Core Lobby at GCC's Main Campus and learn about GCC's own
 manufacturing programs, followed by a presentation from 7-9 pm on the
 Pioneer Valley's industrial heritage. Funding provided by the Advanced
 Manufacturing Futures Program managed by MassDevelopment. ,MFG Day,Amp
 It Up Logo 
  "Susan Reyes" <ReyesS@gcc.mass.edu> 

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