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STEM Ed Announcement: Girls STEM Summit - Statewide 2016

This is not a UMass Amherst program
 Contact information is below.
 Girls STEM Summit - Statewide 2016
 Expands Girls' STEM Horizons & Closes the
 Gender Gap in STEM Workforce
 October 5, 2015
 For Immediate Release
 Weston, MA -- Registration is now open for the Girls STEM Summit â??
 Statewide 2016 hosted by Jr.Tech, Inc., taking place at Regis
 College in Weston, MA on Sunday, April 10, 2016.
 Jr.Tech, Inc., is a Massachusetts-based non-profit educational
 organization currently celebrating 10 years of supporting science,
 technology, engineering and math (STEM) education.  Over the past
 five years, Jr.Tech has delivered seven Girls STEM Summits across
 Massachusetts and is once again inviting 250 high school girls to
 experience the premier Massachusetts STEM event for high school
 girls â?? the Girls STEM Summit â?? Statewide.
 Following up on the success of seven sold-out Girls STEM Summits,
 Jr.Tech, with support from Lead Sponsor, Biogen Foundation, Major
 Sponsor, National Grid, and Facility  Partner, Regis College, will
 again convey to the young women of the Commonwealth, the
 professional, personal and financial benefits of a career in the
 STEM fields.
 Kicking off the day-long event will be an inspirational keynote
 speech from a local female leader in a STEM field after which
 students will begin rotating through five different hands-on career
 path breakouts with leading female STEM professionals representing a
 range of STEM fields.  Following lunch, students will visit the
 hands-on Exhibit Hall featuring many STEM-focused organizations and
 higher education institutions all demonstrating and discussing
 different areas of STEM careers and fields of study. The rotation of
 career-path breakouts finishes up in the afternoon and following a
 closing ceremony the attendees will be given a parting gift before
 heading home.
 Phyllis Russell, Jr.Tech's President and Executive Director, and the
 creator of the Girls STEM Summit program shares, "At every Summit,
 the energy that radiates from our attendees, presenters and teachers
 is amazing!  The feedback from the girls in attendance is positive
 and immediate and the adults involved love sharing their STEM
 experience and knowledge with such bright and enthusiastic
 attendees.  Biogen Foundation, National Grid and Regis College, all
 share our passion for bringing STEM to the young women of the
 Commonwealth as well as sharing our goal of closing the gender gap
 in females entering STEM fields."
 The key goals of the Girls STEM Summit â?? Statewide programs are to
 educate young women in grades 8-12 on various STEM career paths
 through hands-on breakouts, to encourage students to continue
 studying these disciplines throughout high school in order to
 prepare for college degree programs, to inspire through interaction
 with female professional role models working in STEM fields, to
 demonstrate that a STEM career is attainable, to impact
 decision-making at a critical period, and to close the gender gap in
 the STEM workforce.
 The Girls STEM Summit â?? Statewide 2016 serves girls in grade 8-12
 and will be held on Sunday, April 10, 2016 at Regis College, 235
 Wellesley Street, Weston, MA.  The event runs from 8:00 am - 4:15 pm
 and has a fee of $55 per student (fee includes lunch and parting
 gift).  Individual and group enrollment is available.
 For additional information and to register your student for the
 Summit, please visit juniortech.org.  Questions can be directed to
 either of the individuals noted below.
 Phyllis Russell 774-994-2097 phyllis@juniortech.org
 Deborah Vogt 617-512-1794 vogtboston@comcast.net

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