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STEM Ed Announcement: Research Volunteers Needed- Climate change education

This is not a UMass Amherst program
 Contact information is below.
 Research Volunteers Needed- Climate change education: the perspective
 from middle school teachers.
 A doctoral student at the Mallinson Institute for Science Education,
 Peggy McNeal, is studying the implementation of climate change
 education in middle school science classrooms. You might be eligible to
 participate in the third phase of this study. Participation will
 involve taking part in an online focus group with other middle school
 teachers. This focus group will provide additional information to the
 researcher and is an opportunity to engage and share in conversation
 about the implementation of climate change education in your classroom.
 The focus group will be held at 7 PM EDST on Thursday, October 22,
 2015. Study participation will last about an hour and can be completed
 from your classroom or home. To be eligible to participate you must be
 a middle school science teacher (grades six to eight) with over two
 years of classroom experience. If you are interested in learning more
 about participating, or have questions, please email Peggy at
 peggy.m.mcneal@wmich.edu or call (619) 952-7215. No one will otherwise
 contact you about the study. 
 Participating in this research is voluntary. There are no costs other
 than time. It is anticipated that you will benefit from collaboration
 with other teachers on best practices while helping to inform research
 about the current state of climate change education. 

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