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PV STEMNet Announcement: S-STEM Scholarships ELMS College

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 Elms College is offering NSF funded S-STEM scholarships for first year
 students majoring in Biology (except pre-medical and education tracks),
 Chemistry, Mathematics, or Computer Information Technology (CIT) for
 the Fall of 2016.  The scholarships range from $3,800 - $10,000 a year
 for all 4 years until graduation at Elms College. Review of
 applications will begin March 1st 2016. In addition to the
 scholarships, the ElmSTEMs program includes science field trips, career
 seminars, research opportunities, and science and tech internships. For
 more information on the ElmSTEMs scholarship and applying to Elms
 College, see our website http://www.elms.edu/elmstems. 
 Nina Theis, Ph.D.
 Associate Professor of Biology
 Director of Elm Stems NSF grant
 Elms College
 291 Springfield St
 Chicopee, MA 01013 U.S.A.

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