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STEM Ed Announcement: Free Online AP Physics 1 Course

This is not a UMass Amherst program.
 Contact information is below.
 Free Online AP Physics 1 Course
 Dear Teachers,
 We would like to share with you a free online course and resources for
 AP Physics 1. If you are a physics teacher, would like to teach
 physics, or are just interested in expanding your physics content
 knowledge, this is a great opportunity!
 Part 1 on linear motion just completed a successful run on edX. To stay
 in sync with most high school AP classes we are going to run it again
 starting this week! Part 2 (rotational motion) and Part 3 (electricity
 and waves) will follow in the spring.
 If you want to have a look at Part 1 of the course sign up here:
 Both you and your students can register and use the resources for free. 
 Part 1 includes conceptual lectures, multiple choice and numerical
 response questions, online lab activities, and a free online textbook. 
 You and your students can formally take the course through edX or
 simply use the resources as you see fit.  Please share the link with
 any other teachers that you think might be interested!
 To register for free click "Enroll Now" and then "Audit This Course". 
 Even if you audit you can still earn an edX certificate. The Verified
 Certificate option comes with a little bit of extra content and
 resources to prep for the AP Exam.  You can audit now and upgrade to
 Verified later if you wish.
 We made the course with both students and teachers in mind.  You can
 join a teacher cohort within the course for extra content and to talk
 to other teachers and our staff about AP Physics. We are also looking
 for "super-users" who can help us evaluate the course.  If you are
 interested in either of these opportunities send a message
 Finally, for the latest on our AP Physics plans and other course
 offerings, see:http://apphysics1.atrice.com/
 Best wishes for your classes this year!
 Jason Hafner and Gigi Nevils
 Prof. Jason H. Hafner           e: hafner@rice.edu
 Dept. of Phys. & Astr.         ph: 713-348-3205
 Dept. of Chemistry            web: http://hafner.web.rice.edu/
 Rice University
 Gigi K Nevils
 Online Course Developer
 Rice Online
 Herman Brown Rm. 322
 6100 Main St., MS 108 
 Houston, TX 77005

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