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PV STEMNet Announcement: PTC STEM CERTIFICATE Winter 2016

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 PTC STEM CERTIFICATE Winter 2016 Cohort Registration Now Open!
 Join us for the Winter 2016 cohort of the STEM Certificate Program!
 Learn new practices and develop your understanding of STEM concepts in
 education and industry. Educators of all subject areas and disciplines
 are invited to participate. Our Product Development Education model
 focuses on integrated STEM teaching and learning that aligns with state
 and national education standards. In the program you will:
          Explore STEM in action within industry and classroom settings 
          Test model STEM units and advanced technologies 
          Collaborate with other STEM interested teachers from across
 New England
          Build partnership with industry experts and educators 
          Create model, integrated STEM units customized to your
 teaching needs and interests
 Registration open until filled. For more details on class schedule,
 cost, and resources, please visit the registration information page:
 For questions contact Alyssa Walker, awalker@ptc.com. We look forward
 to working with you! 

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