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PV STEMNet Announcement: Hacking with Holyoke Codes at the MGHPCC

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 Hacking with Holyoke Codes at the MGHPCC:  A Cyber Security Workshop
 For students & teachers, kids & parents (12+ years old)
 Saturday December 12th,  10 am  2:00 pm, including lunch!
 Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center (www.mghpcc.org),
 100 Bigelow St., Holyoke MA  01040
 Learn about secret codes and cryptography!   Crack passwords and make
 your passwords more secure!  Join forces for a Capture the Flag hacking
 Cloud computing is everywhere.  Smart phones, social media, on-line
 stores and other digital devices all know something about you.  How do
 we balance access and privacy? This will be a free hands-on workshop on
 cyber-security in todays internet world.  There is an optional
 break-out session for teachers from 2:00 - 3:00.
 To register:
 Kids (12+) and parents must register online at http://holyokecodes.org.
 Teachers can register by contacting Claire Christopherson at
 claire@mghpcc.org, and may bring up to 4 students with them.
 Laptops will be provided for kids to use during the workshop.  Grownups
 are encouraged to bring their own laptops.
 Sponsored by the Computer Science Teachers Association, Western Mass
 Chapter, Holyoke Codes, Girls Inc. of Holyoke and the MGHPCC.  Held in
 conjunction with Computer Science Education Week, December 7  13, 2015
 (csedweek.org).  Support is provided by the National Science Foundation
 CISE SaTC Frontier Award #1414119 to Boston University, entitled MACS:
 A Modular Approach to Cloud Security (http://www.bu.edu/macs/).
 Claire Christopherson
 Director, Finance and Administration
 Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center
 100 Bigelow St.
 Holyoke, MA  01040

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