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STEM Ed Announcement: MITS Professional Development Seminar Series

This is not a UMass Amherst program.
 Contact information is below.
 Announcing the 2016 MITS Professional Development Seminar Series!
 January 20th, February 25th,
 March 17th and April 28th
 Join MITS for our upcoming seminar series!  
 The Professional Development Seminar Series is designed for staff,
 volunteers and other professionals from science, environmental,
 history, technology, art and other cultural institutions and centers in
 New England.
 Join the Museum Institute for Teaching Science (MITS) this winter for
 full day workshops divided into 2 sessions - a scientific presentation
 and a skill-based session.  Come to 1 or more!
 Wednesday, January 20th
 Sneaking Up On Sharks and Telling Their Tales with Data
 Greg Skomal, PhD, Project Leader, MA Shark Research Program and Senior
 Fisheries Biologist, MA Marine Fisheries
 Understanding Children's Thinking: Constructing Explanations and
 Engaging in Argument from Evidence
 David Hammer, PhD, Professor of Education and Physics & Astronomy, 
 Thursday, February 25th
 Art + Science
 Pennie Taylor, MA, Artist, Curator and Lecturer, Northeastern
 Revealing the Patterns:
 The Practice of Analyzing and Interpreting Data
 Eve Manz, PhD, Assistant Professor of Science Education,
 Boston University 
 Thursday, March 17th
 Guided by Curiosity:
 The Practice of Asking Questions and Defining Problems
 Karen Worth, MS, Chair of Elementary Education, Wheelock College and
 Senior Research Scientist, Education Development Center (EDC)
 Now We're Cooking with STEAM
 Dan Souza, Test Cook, America's Test Kitchen and Senior Editor,
 Cook's Illustrated 
 Thursday, April 28th
 Finding Our Faults: Investigating Earthquakes Close to Home and Around
 the World
 Marilyn Bibeau, BS, Weston Observatory and Educational Outreach
 Administrator, Boston College Educational Seismology Project
 Science is Knowing What to Do When You Don't Have an Answer: Planning
 and Carrying Out Investigations
 Don DeRosa, EdD, Clinical Associate Professor of Education,
 Boston University 
 All 4 sessions promise to provide an exciting, hands-on professional
 development opportunity for you and your staff!
 Dates: January 20, February 25, March 17 and April 28
 Time: 9:30 am - 3:30 pm
 Location: Higgins Center, Clark University, Worcester, MA
 Cost: $40 per seminar.  Any 3 dates $105; All 4 dates $130.
 Registration fee includes lunch.
 Visit www.mits.org for more information and
 details about each session

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