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STEM Ed Announcement: Hack@Smith Smith College Hackathon

Registration for Hack@Smith 2016 is now open at hackatsmith.org! Hack@Smith
 is currently one of the only college hackathons designed to promote gender
 equality in computer science. Come to Smith College on February 6th-7th to
 create programs during this exciting 24-hour programming event! First-time
 coders are especially welcome! Our goal is to increase interest in computer
 science and create a supportive technical community. You can even learn how
 to make your very own awesome first website at Hack@Smith this year! There
 are also many categories for experienced coders in which you could win
 prizes sponsored by various tech companies!
 This year, we have invited 4 keynote speakers who are all
 founders/co-founders of their respective companies:
 Jackie Fallon, President and founder of FIT Staffing (
 http://www.fitstaffingsolutions.com/) - "FIT Staffing connects qualified
 Information Technology professionals with local businesses looking to hire
 top technical talent."
 Adam Rosen, COO and co-founder of Door of Clubs (
 https://www.doorofclubs.com/) - "Door of Clubs is an online platform that
 connects student clubs and companies."
 Noah Smith, CEO and founder of Common Media (http://commonmedia.com/) - "Common
 Media is a web development and consulting firm."
 Stacy Robison, President and co-founder of CommunicateHealth (
 http://communicatehealth.com/) - "CommunicateHealth is a health education
 and communication firm specializing in improvinghealth literacy though
 user-centered design, policy, research, and content development."
 Come and hear these four amazing business leaders of successful tech
 companies around the area! This year, we want to bring to you topics
 related to entrepreneurship and women in tech. These speakers will be
 speaking on topics such as their very own experiences leading up to their
 current business leadership positions, job opportunities and preparation,
 connecting companies with clubs, entrepreneurship, and about women in tech!
 It is a great opportunity to hear from such leaders in a variety of
 different fields related to tech!
 Please note that attendees at Hack@Smith must be college students (18 or
 older on the day of the hackathon).

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