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STEM Ed Announcement: Evening Instructors Needed, Blueprint, Metrology, CNC and Math

Math teachers, tech ed teachers and machinists -- want to earn a little extra in the
 evenings teaching motivated adults? 
 There is an immediate need for instructors for adult education classes in
 All courses are held between the hours of 4:00pm and 9:15pm
 The classes are  held at the Franklin County Technical School in Turners Falls, MA.
  1)Manufacturing Math Instructor â?? 6:30pm â?? 9:15pm
 Teach arithmetic and a little trigonometry applied to manufacturing in a 
 20-hour evening  course with a curriculum provided.  One course begins January 25th,
 and the other begins March 28th. 
  2) Blueprints Instructor â?? substitute â?? 4:00pm â?? 6:30pm
 Teach basic machine trades blueprint reading. Curriculum provided. 
 Three 15-hour courses between January and March.
  3) Metrology Instructor â?? mostly 6:30 â?? 9:15pm,  a couple are 4:00 -6:30.
 Teach basic metrology applicable to manufacturing careers. Two 15 hour 
 introductory courses. Starts  week of Jan 25
  4) CNC Mill and Lathe Instructor â?? 4:00 â?? 9:15pm approximately
 2-3 eves/week from March to May.
  An official position announcement for Precision Machining Technology Instructor - 
 Computer Numeric Control (CNC) Machines can be found here, and you can 
 apply to this listing for any of the above positions:
 Please contact me with any questions: 
 Susan Reyes 

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