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STEM Ed Announcement: SciTech Cafe, Jan 26, Einsteins spooky action at a distance

What exactly is quantum mechanics, and what does it tell us about our
 wolrd?  Could quantum teleportation solve our transportation problems?
 Join us as Professor William Wootters of Williams College gives us some
 insider information into the spooky world of quantum mechanics.
 Please help us advertise (and please come!), forwarding the announcement
 below to any who may be interested.   All are very much welcome (kids,
 college students, your parents).  You'll learn something if you come.  And
 you might win a prize!  Please check out our website with videos of some
 past events, http://www.scitechcafe.org/ and like us
 on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/SciTechCafe  *Please note our new
 location, Union Station in Northampton (yes, there is ample parking for
 Hope to see you there!
 SciTech Cafe is pleased to present the monthly discussion series: A scientist walks into a bar...
 but a quantum state can get there without walking.
 Monday, January 25th
 *Union Station, Northampton *
 *Einsteinâ??s Spooky Action *
 *at a Distance*
    - *What is a photon?*
    - *How can two far-apart photons act â??telepathicâ???*
    - *What is quantum teleportation?*
    - *Does nature allow faster-than-light communication?*
 Professor William Wootters is a Barclay Jermain Professor of Natural
 Philosophy at Williams College, where he has taught since 1982. His
 research aims at learning more about the fundamental properties of quantum
 Please bring a friend and join us as we enjoy light appetizers, lively
 conversations, prizes and brilliant minds. This is an
 inclusive, family-friendly event and people of all walks of life are
 *Admission is FREE!*
 *Upcoming SciTech Cafe events:*
    - *February 22nd*: "The Very Early Universe" with Professor Gary Felder
    - *March 28th*: "Can Plants make Cancer Drugs?" with Professor Sue Roberts
    - *April 25th*: "Baseball Statistics" with Professor Ben Baumer
    - *June 6th*: "Why can't Siri understand me?",  Professor Heather Pon-Barry

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