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STEM Ed Announcement: Free Oceans Program

 " Oceanic Exploration and Career Opportunities in the Marine Sciences"
 This program will provide students the opportunity to hear from and interact
 with experts from many oceanic fields. It will give them a "Window to the
 Underwater World" through a fast paced series of presentations that are related
 to STEM topics.
 When: 9am to Noon
       Friday, March 4, 2016
 Where:  Double Tree Hotel and Conference Center
         Ferncroft Rd.
         Danvers, Mass.
         (ample free parking on site)
 How to register:
         Free admission with advance reservation for Secondary School Students
 and their teachers.
  Send a list of the names of those attending to George Buckley, Marine Careers
 Program Coordinator at gbuckley@fas.harvard.edu by February 14.
  Please be sure to have permission of your school administration
 and transportation arranged.   Include your school name, address, phone number,
 your email and cell phone contact number as well as the grade levels of the
 students.     We will confirm within 48 hours
  Questions can be forwarded to:
    George Buckley: email:  gbuckley@fas.harvard.edu  phone:  617-998-8597
        The Great White Sharks of Cape Cod:
        up close and personal:
        how technology has aided investigations
        Hands on/minds on research at sea on board
        the Research Vessel NAUTILUS
        with the Center for Ocean Exploration
        The Great Blue Holes of Belize:
        a research project studying these unusual
        structures and their unique habitats.
        The New England Aquarium programs for students:
        volunteer opportunities, internships, special programs
        and careers
        Making a career in the ocean sciences:
        a panel discussion about marine careers
        with ample opportunities for questions
        The Boston Sea Rovers Summer Internship program:
        see the dynamic things the interns do,
        hear about how valuable the program has been to them,
        meet our latest intern and learn how to apply.

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