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STEM Ed Announcement: Tufts Online K-12 Engineering Education Program open for Fall 2017 Admissions

Tufts Online K-12 Engineering Education Program for Teachers open for Fall 2016 enrollment
 The Online K-12 Engineering Education (OKEE) Certificate Program
 empowers teachers to bring hands-on engineering to their students
 through courses that give teachers the chance to learn engineering
 content and innovative teaching practices. Offered completely online
 and asynchronously, the graduate-level program (4 courses over 18
 months) provides teachers with a kit of materials to engage in
 open-ended design projects at their kitchen table to build their
 engineering knowledge. Designed for working professionals, the courses
 leverage classroom experience and tasks participants with assignments
 to try with their own students.  
 The OKEE has sectioned 3 rounds of admissions for Fall 2016 
 Round 1:  March 4, 2016 for March 25th,
 2016 decision
 Round 2 :  April 1, 2016 for April 22nd, 2016 decision
 Round 3: May 6, 2016 for May 27, 2016 decision
 After June 1st, there will be rolling admissions through August 15th.  Please contact okee@tufts.edu to confirm that space is available.
 Visit okee.tufts.edu for more information, application instructions and
 upcoming webinars.  Contact okee@tufts.edu with any questions.
 *Courses can also be taken individually (without enrolling in the program).  
 Merredith Portsmore, PhD
 Director, Center for Engineering Education and Outreach

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