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STEM Ed Announcement: NE GSA Meeting

To our area STEM Educators;  
 Itâ??s time for some great local networking and learning around all things geological!  All educators (elementary through college) are welcome to attend the Northeast Section of the Geological Society of America conference in Albany, March 21-23 (with field trips and workshops starting March 20). Attend 1 day or the full session and be sure to sign up for the NAGT (National Association of Geology Teachers) luncheon on Monday, March 21. Check out the meeting at http://www.geosociety.org/Sections/ne/2016mtg/
 Questions?   Feel free to contact, 
 Lori Weeden Lori_Weeden@uml.edu, NAGT Pres   or
 Tarin Weiss tweiss@westfield.ma.edu, NAGT VP

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