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STEM Ed Announcement: New Position at Girls Inc. of Holyoke

Hello HID and Holyoke Codes Friends,
 I need your help spreading the word about, and finding awesome candidates for, our
 exciting new position that will oversee Eureka!. Please feel free to share with your
 networks. We have so many wonderful connections (thanks to all of you) and I suspect
 there may be people you know who would may be interested applying. The attached
 posting can also be found on our website at
 STEAM (Science, Technologies, Engineering, Arts and Math) Program Manager: Oversee
 the delivery of innovative Girls Inc. STEAM programs, including Eureka!, Build IT,
 Think SMART, Made with Code, and other Girls Inc. initiatives for girls age 5 - 18.
 Support program coordination and delivery, staff training, and program evaluation
 (including data management and monthly reporting).
 Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you for your help!
 Suzanne Parker
 Executive Director
 Girls Inc. of Holyoke
 P.O. Box 6812
 6 Open Square Way
 Holyoke, MA 01041
 (p) 413-532-6247 x111
 (c) 413-539-3666

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