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STEM Ed Announcement: MEES Conference, Early Bird Rate Ends TODAY

MEES Conference: Early Bird Rate Ends TODAY
 Find out more about the conference by visiting our website:www.massmees.org
 2016 Conference:
 The Language of Climate Change
 March 9, 2016 from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
 College of the Holy Cross, Worcester
 Early Bird Discount Ends Today!
 The Conference
 Environmental educators wear two hats (at least). There is the scientist hat, well
 fitted with content and process. Then there is the educator hat - perfect for
 and presenting complex content to a wide audience. As climate change becomes the
  environmental benchmark for this generation environmental educators need to hone
 their skills in both arenas of science and communication.
 Responding to that need, the Massachusetts Environmental Education Society will 
 convene a "Language of Climate Change" summit in March 2016, dedicated to widely
  exploring avenues of climate change communication. The "Language of Climate Change"
 will feature researchers, influential leaders, program models, and active voices
  from within and outside of the environmental education field. Participants will
  tackle the question: how do we bring about a behavioral shift when teaching, talking
 or communicating climate change science? We will focus specifically on communicating
 to a K-12 and college audience, and with over 200 formal and informal educators 
 expected, this is an opportunity to gather a wellspring of energy in the state to
 address this topic.
 Grant funding for this initiative has allowed us to bring in a nationally recognized
 speaker, David T. Sobel of Antioch University New England, as well as a workshop
  series by the National Network for Ocean and Climate Change Interpretation (NNOCCI).
 Early Bird Rate - $75 - ENDS TODAY
 After February 3 add $15
 Student Rate - $25
 Applies to high school, undergraduate and graduate students.
 Exhibitor Rate - $65
 Includes six-foot table and lunch.
 Half-tables are available for $40.
 Additional attendee registrations are $20 each for those Exhibiting.
 If the conference is cancelled for any reason MEES is unable to provide a refund.
 MEES offers a generous scholarship program, open to anyone. The reduced scholarship
 rate is only $25 and is available to anyone who applies. Scholarships are provided
 on a first-come, first-served basis - of the 40 MEES provides, 12 remain. To apply,
 please email Ann Gisinger: ann.gisinger@gmail.com.
 Contact the Registrar ann.gisinger@gmail.com.
 Massachusetts Environmental Education Society
 375 Harvard Street, Suite 2 | Brookline, MA 02446
 Email: board.massmees@gmail.com | Website: massmees.org

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