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[Stemed-l] Professional development for Teachers grades 3-5- starts April vacation-


Join us for our first Teachers on the Estuary workshop for elementary teachers (including reading and art teachers). Come join us this spring (we’ll be finished by Monday, June 27 so it won’t impact the rest of your summer vacation). Paddle on Waquoit Bay and help start a Three Sisters Garden at the Wampanoag Museum (and learn how to start one at your own school). Get a head start on implementing the new MA STE standards while observing some bay creatures up close.


Teachers on the Estuary and the Wampanoag Circle of Life


Come join us for a new interdisciplinary workshop course for elementary teachers in collaboration with the Mashpee Wampanoag Indian Museum. The course specifically targets grade 3-5 STREAMSS (Science Technology Reading Engineering Art Math and Social Studies) standards. Teachers who successfully complete the course will be given books and equipment. The course includes classroom and field activities (including a canoe trip on Waquoit Bay), traditional Wampanoag crafts, trade book literature, discussions and mini presentations by experts that focus on animal and plant life cycles and adaptations, coastal processes as well as modern and traditional Wampanoag culture. We’ll explore the salt marsh,  kettle pond, and river habitats. . There is a $25 registration fee (but participants will receive more than $25 worth of equipment and books upon completion of the course). PDPs are free through the Cape Cod STEM Network and Cape Cod Community College and optional graduate credit is available from Framingham State for $150 for 2 credits. Dates are April 19, 20, May 1, and June 27. The course will be held at Waquoit Bay Reserve Headquarters in East Falmouth and the Mashpee Wampanoag Indian Museum in Mashpee.


If you’re traveling from a distance, please inquire about dorm housing on site.


For additional information including a complete syllabus see: http://www.waquoitbayreserve.org/education-training/education-programs/teacher-training/ or contact joan Muller, 508-457-0495 x107, joan.muller@state.ma.us


To register, go to: http://www.waquoitbayreserve.org/event-registration/?ee=370



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