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[Stemed-l] Science & Engineering Saturday Seminars: Mapping Nest Success in Migratory Birds

Science & Engineering Saturday Seminars

Designed for science, math, technology teachers; new teachers are especially welcome     


April 9. Mapping Nest Success in Migratory Birds. Dan Bisaccio, Director of Science Education, Brown University. Students craft artificial nests and eggs (and you will too!) of migratory birds and investigate the impact of forest fragmentation on nesting success.  Locations of the nests are then mapped using GPS and nest disturbance analyzed. Through this hands-on field exercise students learn about global habitat connections and conservation issues for migratory birds.  Students as researchers may then share their data with other students around the country using HabitatNet.  Learn how to visualize nest disturbance data using maps while creating a nest and eggs to take home with you.  

Questions: Mort Sternheim, mort@umassk12.net, 413-545-1908, www.umassk12.net/sess

Online seminar registration and payment: www.umassk12.net/sess/spring2016.html


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