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[Stemed-l] STEM summer PDs at WPI

Looking to grow and develop your STEM skills this the summer? Join one of WPI’s summer PDs.

The STEM Education Center offers a variety of experiences, from a 1-day workshops, including:

·       Engineering a Story   

·       Unpacking the NGSS

·       Developing and Using Models

·       Teaching and Learning with STEM Projects   


Through week-long Robotics for Educators workshops

·       VEX Robotics for Educators 

·       Advanced VEX Robotics for Educators 

·       LEGO Robotics for Educators


And up to integrated physical science/engineering workshops (forces & motion, energy & matter)

·       Middle School Content Workshops


 Hope to see you at WPI this summer





Mia Dubosarsky, PhD

Director, Professional Development

Co-PI, Seeds of STEM

The STEM Education Center at WPI


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

100 Institute Road, Worcester, MA 01609


508-831-5617 (office)

508-831-5801 (fax)





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