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[Stemed-l] Online science courses for teachers

From: John Papadonis <john.papadonis@go.cambridgecollege.edu>
Sent: May 16, 2016 2:06:29 PM EDT
To: Mort Sternheim <mort@umassk12.net>
Subject: Please share....thanks!

Middle School Science Teachers!  Summer Online Science Courses for graduate credit!  Discounted rate:  $200 / course, awarding 1 graduate credit. 
Note:  Some teachers may elect to submit these courses to fulfill their MA ESE requirements for professional license.  We recommend checking with MA ESE for individual confirmation.

June 26 to July 3, 2016 (Asynchronous Online):

SCI 613 PD Earth in the Solar System
SCI 629 PD Practical Meteorology
SCI 617 PD Earth's History
-- Each course runs on a 5 week cycle.

Contact  Shalaya Morrissette at   shalaya.morissette@cambridgecollege.edu

Professor John N. Papadonis
Cambridge College Graduate School of Education
Coordinator of Science Education
cell: 978-995-5891

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