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[Stemed-l] Industrial Technology Position

From: Virginia Brackett <vbrackett@aos92.org>
To: stemed-l@physics.umass.edu
Date: Sat, 28 May 2016 08:06:11 -0400
Subject: Postition Opening
Winslow Junior High School is seeking candidates for a full time Industrial Technology/ STEM Instructor (700 certification). 

Over the past several years we have been steadily rebuilding our Industrial Technology program. Our program now includes Lego Robotics, CO2 cars, West Point Bridge Building, KidWind, and Junior Solar Sprint. We have added a 3-D printer and this year are adding a ShopBot. 

We are looking for an individual who can help us continue to expand and diversify our program. 

Please consider joining our team. More information and applications can be found at the AOS92 website and onServing Schools.com 

Ginny Brackett
Science Chair
Winslow Junior High School
Winslow, Maine. 
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