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[Stemed-l] Opportunity for innovative STEM curriculum and stipend!

Through My Window is a free engineering curriculum for grades 4-8 developed by Smith College and Springfield Technical Community College and funded by the National Science Foundation.  Through My Window integrates STEM and literacy and consists of three flexible components:
  • young adult STEM mystery novel Talk to Me
  • interactive online learning adventures (modules) about engineering topics
  • teachers’ curriculum guide

We are accepting applications from formal and informal programs interested in implementing this summer or fall.  Selected programs will receive a $500 stipend in addition to free educator support, including free customized lesson plans and professional development offerings.  Application is quick and easy at  http://goo.gl/forms/ODdXqjl5Ryb1bG972.

For more information, visit teamthroughmywindow.org or send me an email.

Best regards,

Isabel Huff
Outreach Coordinator
Through My Window
One Armory Square
Springfield, MA 01102

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