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[Stemed-l] SciTech Cafe, June 6: Why can't Siri understand me?

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Hope to see you tomorrow!


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Subject: SciTech Cafe, June 6: Why can't Siri understand me?
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How many times have you had a conversation with your phone that goes something like this?
"Siri, call Joe"
"Do you want to Facetime with Joe?"
"No, Siri, call Joe's cell"
"OK, Facetime with Joe".
"No Siri!"

What is happening behind the scenes?  And why doesn't Siri just call Joe?  Professor Heather Pon-Barry of Mount Holyoke College will share her research on how computers understand language and why Siri won't call Joe.

Please help us advertise (and please come!), forwarding the announcement below to any who may be interested.   All are very much welcome (kids, college students, your parents).  You'll learn something if you come.  And you might win a prize!  Please check out our website with videos of some past events, www.scitechcafe.org  and like us on Facebook!.  Please note our new location, Union Station in Northampton (yes, there is ample parking for all!).

This is the last of the season, and we'll reconvene in September.

Hope to see you there!



SciTech Cafe is pleased to present the monthly discussion series: A scientist and a robot walk into a bar...   

Monday, June 6th
Union Station, Northampton 

Why Doesn’t Siri Understand Me? 
*How does speech recognition work?
*What is a dialog system?
*What is social robotics?

Heather Pon-Barry is a professor of computer science and the director of the Interactive Computing Research Lab at Mount Holyoke College where they study spoken language processing in the context of human-robot interaction.
Please bring a friend and join us as we enjoy light appetizers, lively conversations, prizes and brilliant minds. This is an inclusive, family-friendly event and people of all walks of life are invited. Admission is FREE!

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