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[Stemed-l] Science, Social and Emotional Learning, and Service-Learning Professional Development Opportunity

From: McKinnon, Kristen A (DOE) <kmckinnon@doe.mass.edu>
Date: Thu, Jun 9, 2016 at 1:16 PM
Subject: Science, Social and Emotional Learning, and Service-Learning
Professional Development Opportunity

Dear Colleagues,

Please see the information below (and attached) about an upcoming
service-learning professional development opportunity offered by KIDS
Consortium, Maine Math and Science Alliance and the University of
Virginia.   If you are not a 3rd-5th grade teacher, please consider
sharing with your colleagues who are!

Contact Kristen Jones (info below) for more information.



Are you interested in learning how to integrate NGSS science content with
social and emotional learning skills? Has service-learning been on your
bucket list for a long time, but you havenâ??t quite figured out how
to fit
it in with everything else you do? We have a free professional
opportunity that may be just right for you.

Join Tracy Harkins from KIDS Consortium, Joyce Tugel from Maine Math and
Science Alliance and Sara Rimm-Kaufman from the University of Virginia
a 4-day Connect Science training. Through service-learning, you will help
your students gain the essential problem-solving, communication and
teamwork skills needed to address complex issues in their communities.

This training will be held in Massachusetts from August 8-11, sharing
engaging and relevant teaching strategies with *upper elementary*
(grades 3-5) teachers. Priority will be given to schools with two or
more participating *fourth grade* teachers. Time spent with us will
earn you contact hours (which are likely helpful towards
requirements, depending on your districtâ??s policies), and will
reenergize your teaching. Participating teachers will earn a stipend
for their work with our team.

Want to know more about this opportunity? Contact our project manager
Kristen Jones at kaj7j@virginia.edu or 434- 924-0987. Learn how to make
science instruction more interesting and relevant for your students next


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