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[Stemed-l] AP Physics for HS Not Offering this Opportunity - A BU HS Partnership Program

Subject: Boston University High School AP Physics Partnership Program

From:    "Mark D. Greenman" <greenman@bu.edu>

Date:    Friday, June 24, 2016


Boston University is looking for additional partner high school sites to bring a no cost blended AP Physics 1 College Board audited course to schools that do not offer AP Physics 1 as part of their regular program of studies. High schools within any of the New England states are welcome to join this partnership program.


During our first pilot year, we worked with students from 4 Boston Public School and 3 Western Massachusetts high schools with an 88% course completion rate and with students indicating increased interest in college and career opportunities in STEM.


Project Accelerate is designed to work seamlessly with a typical high school schedule and blends together supportive formal structures from a student’s home school, a private online course designed specifically with the needs of high school students in mind and small group recitation and laboratory experiences. All too often students in urban and small rural or suburban communities don’t have access to Advanced Placement physics due to small numbers of interested students and staffing issues. Project Accelerate, a partnership program between Boston University, the student and the student’s home school offers a solution to the problem of high school students not having access to Advance Placement physics. Students interested in STEM careers and STEM programs in college without access to this introductory college level course are often less prepared and cannot compete with peers from high schools offering such a program.


If you believe this program will support your school goals and serve your students’ interest, kindly email me or give me a call at my office phone or mobile phone.


Mark D. Greenman

Project Director

Boston University

Physics Department

Office: 617-358-6729

Mobile: 781-248-4952

Office: greenman@bu.edu


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