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[Stemed-l] FW: STEM workshops at UMass Amherst this August



From: Secatore, Meg
Sent: Thursday, July 07, 2016 11:01 AM
To: 'Stephen Schneider'; 'Renee Fall'; 'Tammy Breen'; 'Greenman, Mark'; 'Mort Sternheim'; 'Jetzon, Sarah'
Cc: Callahan, Daniel; Parlon, Jessica
Subject: STEM workshops at UMass Amherst this August


MTA’s annual Summer Conference will be held July 31-August 4 at UMass Amherst.


Would you please consider sharing these PD opportunities with K12 teachers in your networks? Commuters are welcome. The attached flyer has more information or visit http://massteacher.org/summer.





#001    Learning Math as a Creative Experience with Spreadsheets

#007    Teaching Math in Small Groups

#008    Reverse-Engineering Portfolio Project

#025    Writing for Math and Science (Middle and High School Teachers)

#044    Google Drive, Docs, Sheets & Forms

#055    Game On with Flippity

#068    Geocaching 101

#092    Math Without Numbers

#094    Building a STEAM Foundation in K-2 with Standards-Aligned, Hands-On EdTech

#111    Modern Physics in the Classroom: Particle Science from Bosons to Big Bang

#123    Watch Me Tech: Tech Infused Teaching through a UDL Lens

#125    Mathematics: Strategies to Reach Struggling Learners

#136    K-12 Mathematical Shifts: What You Absolutely Must Know As a Math Educator

#147    WordPress for Beginners

#152    There's an App For That

#157    Going Google: What Your Staff Needs to Know

#171    Maker Math: Math Workshop

#172    Grading with Google Apps




Megan S. Secatore

Director, Training and Professional Learning

Massachusetts Teachers Association

2 Heritage Drive

Quincy, MA   02171




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