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[Stemed-l] Fwd: Teaching Infectious Disease Course (July 18-22nd) and Free curriculum focused on Great Diseases

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Subject: Teaching Infectious Disease Course (July 18-22nd) and Free curriculum focused on Great Diseases

Tufts Sackler School of Biomedical Sciences is offering a graduate-level course entitled Teaching Infectious Disease that will take place as an intensive one-week course this summer.


The course takes provides you with the background to teach about infectious disease in your high school classrooms. All teachers are welcome! The course is based on a 10th – 12th grade (Biology II) curriculum that has been developed by a partnership between a group of Boston teachers and infectious disease specialists from Tufts Medical School. The curriculum provides life-relevant content designed to engage high school students while teaching them the information they will need to make informed decisions about their health. It has already been pilot tested by ten teachers in diverse schools in Boston and nationwide. Student interest and knowledge gains were impressive and teacher responses were positive. The goal of the course is to teach you the key scientific concepts underlying the curriculum - how bacteria, viruses, and parasites cause infectious diseases and how the immune system defends the body against the attack, as well as the pedagogical strategies to deliver the content in the classroom using a variety of inquiry-based constructivist approaches. It also provides you with the tools to modify the lesson plans for your own needs. Once you have completed the course we will provide support as you pilot the curriculum in your classrooms. Please see our web page for more information about the curriculum and our mentoring program: (http://sites.tufts.edu/greatdiseases/).


The course will be offered from July 18-22nd, 7 hours a day at the Tufts Medical School Campus.

The course is offered free of charge and completion is worth PDPs (78 CEUs) through Tufts or for graduate credit for $500.00.



To view the ’Great Diseases’ curriculum materials please visit http://sites.tufts.edu/greatdiseases/.



Interested teachers should contact Dr. Berri Jacque directly at: berrri.jacque@tufts.edu



Berri Jacque PhD
Research Assistant Professor of Developmental, Molecular and Chemical Biology
Co-Director, Center for Translational Science Education
Tufts University School of Medicine
136 Harrison Avenue
Boston, MA 02111




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