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[Stemed-l] Elementary STEM Course

Please join me in an exciting new online professional development course through Framingham State University.  Learn how to turn your young scientists into young engineers and earn one credit or 22.5 PDPs!
70927 91188 STEM in the Elementary Classroom: Young Scientists, Young Engineers--new!!    Larkin

Find STEM inspiration that you can bring back to your classroom right away. 

You will learn new strategies, challenges, and techniques that you will be able to use while you are taking the course and beyond!

Fall Session 2016 (October 3 - October 28) Register NOW!

Online/One credit (or semester hour)

Cost: $197.00 per course

Register online:


Course Description: This course presents current information about elementary engineering and elementary science pedagogy. The coursework draws upon the newly adopted Massachusetts Science Technology and Engineering standards and the nationally used NGSS standards. Particular focus will be placed on the Science and Engineering Practices that span across the grade levels and content areas. Students will develop an understanding of instructional techniques that align with the new standards and work to create young scientists and young engineers out of our elementary school students. Students will create storylines that will engage their young scientists and engineers in the exploration of scientific phenomena. They will also create a final lesson plan that will bring all of these components together in one learning experience. 

I am looking forward to learning with you!  Please contact me at drobillard@framingham.edu with questions.
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