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[Stemed-l] SciTech Cafe, Oct 24: Gravity Waves

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Subject: [scitechcafe-a] SciTech Cafe, Oct 24: Gravity Waves

What happens when you combine a billion year old collision, Einstein's one-hundred year old theory, and state-of-the-art technology?  The first measurement of the ripples of space-time we call gravitational waves.  Join us as Prof. Gary Felder tells us all about this groundbreaking research, the new technology that made it possible, and what we can learn from collisions that happened over a billion years ago.

Please help us advertise (and please come!), forwarding the announcement below to any who may be interested.   All are very much welcome (kids, college students, your parents).  You'll learn something if you come.  And you might win a prize!  Please check out our website with videos of some past events, www.scitechcafe.org  and like us on Facebook!.  Please note our new location, Union Station in Northampton (yes, there is ample parking for all!).

Hope to see you there!



SciTech Cafe is pleased to present the monthly discussion series: A scientist walks into a bar...and that changes the geometry of space.

Monday, October 24th
Union Station, Northampton 

Gravitational Waves:
Measuring Ripples in Space from a Billion Years Ago

  •  How can you detect a collision that happened over a billion years ago?
  • How can you measure something that changes a two-mile long building by less than the width of an atom?
  • Why do scientist think that this new technology will teach us things about our universe we could never have learned before?

Gary Felder is a favorite among the SciTech Café crowd and has enlightened us about dark matter, the Higgs-Boson, and the early universe. This month he will take us further into the depths of the uncharted universe. Gary is a professor of physics at Smith College.

Please bring a friend and join us as we enjoy light appetizers, lively conversations, prizes and brilliant minds. This is an inclusive, family-friendly event and people of all walks of life are invited.  Admission is FREE!

Upcoming SciTech Cafe events:

  • December 5th: Remote Sensing and the Asian Longhorned Beetle
    Thomas Millette, Professor of Geography, Mount Holyoke College
  • January 23rd: Robotics
    Joydeep Biswas, Professor of Computer Science, UMass
  • February 27th: You're never too old to play in the sandbox 
    Kerstin Nordstrom, Professor of Physics, Mount Holyoke College
  • March 27th: A Quantum Mechanic's Approach to Next Generation Electronics
    Joe Checkelsky, Professor of Physics, MIT
  • April 24th: Topic TBD
    Amos Winter, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, MIT
    Director of Global Engineering and Research Lab
  • May 22nd: Information Retrieval
    Lisa Ballesteros, Professor of Computer Science, Mount Holyoke 

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