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{Disarmed} [Stemed-l] Sign up for a free CSEdWeekMA teacher kit

Please forward to your listserv. We’re making a push for more schools (especially from Western Mass) to get involved in Computer Science Education Week this year. Thank you!

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From: CAITE <caite@cs.umass.edu>
Subject: Massachusetts Celebrates Computer Science Education Week
Date: November 7, 2016 at 6:16:02 AM EST

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Computer Science Education Week (Dec.5-11, 2016) is less than a month away! Join the celebration and organize an Hour of Code or other CSEdWeek activity for your classroom and school. To help promote your event,  CAITE and the MassTLC Ed Foundation have put together a great CSEdWeek Kit for any MA teacher participating in CSEdWeek. Deadline to sign up is this Friday, November 11.
What's in the MA CSEdWeek Kit?
  • 1.5" buttons (2) - CS EdWeek logo and date - for teachers to wear to promote CS EdWeek & their events
  • 19"x27" promo poster (1) - Massachusetts Celebrates CSEdWeek
  • 1" buttons (order the # you need) - I CODED! #csedweekMA - for any student who takes part in CSEdWeek or Hour of Code
  • Sample press release - fill in the blanks and send off to your local paper to get coverage and support from your community
Please reply to this form by November 11th if you wish to participate and request materials. Due to the amount of printed items required, we need enough lead time to order materials and deliver them prior to Dec. 5. If you have any questions, email us at caite@cs.umass.edu
Other Resources
  • Need help in preparing for your school and/or class celebration? Check out two webinars from CS for All Teachers on preparing for CSEdWeek (here and here).
  • We would love to hear about how you and your students are learning, creating, and innovating for CSEdWeek and throughout the year!  Share what you are doing for#csedweekMA on Twitter with @CAITE6 & @masstlcef. 
    Thank you for supporting computer science education and spreading the Hour of Code in Massachusetts!
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